As part of my practice, I aim to offer a wide variety of services to best fit the needs of the client or clients:

Individual Therapy

I take a collaborative and humanistic approach to my work with my clients, recognizing that you are the expert on your own life. My role is to help you reach your goals. One-on-one therapy provides an amazing opportunity for clients to gain insight and acceptance, and foster personal growth.

Couples Therapy

No partnership is perfect and at times we may feel that our relationships are stuck in a cycle. Couples therapy provides a safe space for partners to work on improving communication, enhancing trust, establishing boundaries, and strengthening intimacy.

Group Therapy

I currently facilitate an intimacy and relationships focused group aimed at helping clients intentionally move towards connection and authenticity. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Family Therapy

Through a mixture of group and individual sessions, family therapy offers an opportunity for members to improve communication, learn conflict resolution skills, and identify common patterns that may be reoccurring.


Although I am open to working with clients in a wide variety of areas, including life transitions, anxiety and depression, and recovery aftercare, you can read more about some of my more focused specializations below:


We can experience numerous events, whether singular or cumulative over time, as traumatic. I believe that compassionate and sensitive trauma-informed therapy can be an effective step in helping to understand, cope with, and heal from the impact of our experiences.


One of my passions in therapy helping clients move through and understand how their experience has been impacted by the various identities they hold. My main specialization in this work explores the impact of biracial or multiracial identity, multiethnic identity, transracial adoption, and Asian identity.

Relationship Issues and Codependency

I actively work with clients to identify patterns in relationships, understand their origins, and move towards new ways of being with and relating to the people in our lives. One issue that often emerges in my work is codependency, which is typically triggered by old wounds, and can play out with our families, partners, friends, and at work.


I have experience and training in sandplay therapy, which can be a helpful tool in moving past intellectual defenses and the verbal limitations of talk therapy. This method can be an effective form of therapy for numerous issues, including trauma, wounds from early childhood, or other issues that are out of our current consciousness.


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